Features of multi-speed and differential chain assembly line

Source: Yongkang Chaoyong Machinery Equipment Co.Release time: 2019-08-16

Features of multi-speed and differential chain assembly line.

1. Chain assembly line uses chain as traction and carrier to convey materials, and the chain can use ordinary sleeve roller conveyor chain or other kinds of special chains.

2. Large conveying capacity, which can carry large loads.

3. The conveying speed is accurate and stable, which can ensure the correct synchronous conveying.

4. It is easy to realize accumulation conveying and can be used as assembly line or as storage conveying of materials.

5. Can work under various harsh environments (high temperature, dust) with reliable performance.

A. Made of customized aluminum profiles, easy to install.

B. Beautiful structure and low practical noise.

C. Multi-functional and high degree of automation.

Production assembly line

Production assembly line is characterized by a specific person to complete each process, step by step processing. Each person does a specific job.

The advantage is that this production will be faster because each person only needs to do the same thing and is very familiar with what he or she is doing.