Advantages of flow lines

Source: Yongkang Chaoyong Machinery Equipment Co.Release time: 2019-08-16

Advantages of the flow line

1. Integration of production processes, multiple workstations can be arranged on the assembly line to meet production needs.

2. Highly scalable, the assembly line can be designed to meet the product production requirements according to the factory's needs.

3. Save factory production cost, can save the number of production workers, realize automatic production, with little initial investment and high return rate.

Features of flow line

1. The workplace is highly specialized.

2. The process is closed, the workplaces are arranged according to the process sequence, and the labor objects move in one direction between the processes

3. The processing time of each process is consistent with the ratio of the number of workplaces in each process.

4. Each process is produced according to a uniform beat. The so-called beat refers to the time interval between the production of two adjacent products.